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Customer Support

We know you are busy and often the need for data comes up urgently. We also understand accuracy is imperative.

Our Brokers know their business and are trained to respect your time as well as your timing. We offer telephone consultations, emailed record counts and price quotes free of charge.

We even offer order alerts to insure you always have the data you need-- when you need it.

List Suppressions
We continually suppress each new order against previous orders to insure unique data with each purchase—free of charge.

In addition we are more than happy to suppress your current database against ours to insure unique data.

We do not charge per filter—all filtering is included in your Wholesale Price.

This means you can always target your best market without paying additional fees.

No Contracts to bind your marketing dollars
After being in business just over 20 years we are clear it is our job to earn your business with each list you purchase.

Our goal is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with each of our clients.

We are so confident in our ability to provide quality data with superior customer service that we require no contracts to bind your marketing dollars.

Exclusivity of Data
Our data is as exclusive as you can get in the industry.

We purchase the data on your behalf live from our updated databases with our wholesale pricing and never re-package and re-sell your list.

Scheduled Data Delivery Services
As your quantity goes up—our wholesale pricing for you goes down.

This is why we do offer the opportunity to pre-pay on bulk quantities to receive our very best pricing.

This not only saves you money—but allows you the opportunity for discovery as you progress in your marketing efforts and campaigns.

Each time you pull data you may alter your filters to better target your market—Free of Charge.

We simply have no hidden fees.


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