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Telemarketing and Direct Mailing Lists

Lead List Services has been providing quality wholesale telemarketing and mailing lists for over 20 years. With more 25 years experience in the telemarketing and mailing industry, we are above the rest in understanding the needs of both the direct mailing and the telemarketing industry.


We offer the most accurate and comprehensive Consumer and Business telemarketing and mailing lists available, we offer all telemarketing and direct mailing lists at wholesale pricing allowing our clients the best data available at the best price in the marketplace.

250 Million Consumers: This list is the most comprehensive consumer list available, with more than 250 million consumers and 104 million households. This file can be tailored to reach your most targeted prospects.

15.2 Million US Businesses List: One of our hottest sellers! 6 million people per year buy new homes, spending 170 billion in new products and services.

New Movers List: What a great list! There are on average of 1.2 million people moving each month. These are great prospects for many different appeals, and are some of the most responsive consumers available.

New Businesses List: There are over 2.5 million business start-ups each year, these entrepreneurs are ready to spend, and are proven to be some of the greatest prospects for all business products, and service offers.

Nationwide Donors List: This is possibly the #1 donor file available! This file is compiled through true telemarketing and direct mail campaigns. These donors have actually made a contribution via check in the mail!

Loan Modification Data: We have credit bureau data pulled from all three bureaus, the data is for 30, 60 and 90 day late paying customers. The data is extremely accurate. Our mortgage data is updated monthly and is available with seven filters, we can filter by fico, LTV, loan amount, loan type, income etc.

Mortgage refinance Data: We have 104 million households with mortgages in our database. The data is updated monthly and is available with loan type (FHA, VA, conventional), lender name, rate type, LTV, mortgage amount, Fico score, household income and purchase date. We are able to search on a statewide, county, city, zip code, zip code radius or area code level. All data is DNC scrubbed for calling or CASS certified for mailing. Call today for a custom count!

Reverse Mortgage Data: With our extensive consumer database we are able to provide reverse mortgage professional with the most accurate and comprehensive data available in the marketplace. We filter homeowners by their age, LTV and years in the home. We are able to deliver a DNC scrubbed calling list or CASS certified mailing list.

We can also help you with:

  • Phone appending (adding telephone numbers to existing files)
  • Reverse phone append (adding addresses to files using phone numbers to match)
  • Complete list services (NCOA, merge purge, postal CASS certification and list hygiene)

We will make your next list acquisition a breeze!  Call me to go over your specific criteria and needs and we will provide a solution for you at the lowest pricing.


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Your personal information, including email address,will be held in confidence and never be shared with anyone.

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