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Email Appending

Add email addresses to your customer list or any consumer file

Lead List specializes in email appending, we have over 300 million email addresses in our database, we can add the email address to your current customer list or add them to any consumer list we generate for you from our database. Using email to market to your current customers can dramatically boost sales and reduce cost over conventional marketing. Our email append services provide one of the industries highest append match rates.

Advantages to email marketing

Larger Target Market- We use postal data to append email addresses to so we start with at least 70% more data than most DNC scrubbed calling lists while still providing a custom targeted list using your criteria and geography.

Greater Customer Retention- Email is an excellent way to communicate with current customers or sell to potential customers. The cost associated is a fraction of the cost of direct mail and telemarketing campaigns.

Quicker Sales-  Most email campaigns have a response in the first 48 to 72 hours. 95% of all responders do so within this time period.


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