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New Homeowner Telemarketing and Mailing Lists

When people move into a new house, they have made a major financial commitment to the community. They are eagerly awaiting information about their neighborhood. They are anxious to meet new people, join community groups etc. Contacting these consumers who have just purchased a new home offers endless opportunities.

New homeowners are key sales targets for a wide range of products and services including household furnishings and appliances, home improvement offers, phone service, insurance, alarms, satellite or cable service, local retail stores, banks, credit card organizations, physicians, dentists, chiropractors, spas, catalogers, fundraising associations and restaurants.

Each year 6 million families buy new homes, nearly one in five Americans changes residency, almost 15% OF THE POPULATION. $170 Billion is spent by this demographic annually on an array of products and services. New homeowners telemarketing and mailing lists are a excellent way to prospect for vacation/ time share offerings, credit card organizations, banks, catalogers, home security, carpet cleaning, charitable fundraising, and much more.

Contacting these consumers early will establish your business, we offer the list weekly. We get 500,000 new homeowners every month.

Contact these highly motivated new homeowners before your competition does!

Selects available:

  • GEO: National, State, County, SCF, Zip
  • By zip code  Radius
  • Age
  • Dwelling Type 
  • Children
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Homeowner/Renter
  • Income (Estimated Household Level
  • Married/Single 
  • Telephone Numbers

This file is updated weekly, NCOA corrected and CASS certified for maximum deliverability and DNC scrubbed for calling.

Call today and speak to one of our trained brokers for a quality New Homeowner telemarketing or mailing list at wholesale pricing


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